We don’t always understand why things happen the way they do, but Jesus does. Trust Him, because His ways are better than our ways.




Ron Weasley gives free ice cream to kids. Harry Potter talks about the importance of feminism and gay rights. Hermione Granger is a UN Goodwill Ambassador for Women.

The heroes of my childhood became the heroes of my adulthood.

and let’s not forget ginny weasley, who has joined the fight to end world hunger.

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— Proverbs 17:17 (via thewordofgodsays)

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September: the month of getting back into the swing of things.

October:  the month that determines whether we learned anything in September.

November:  the month of midterms, final papers, and the consequences of procrastination.

December:  the month of finals, for both our courses and our sanity.

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So very thankful to serve a God who is patient with my struggles, gracious with my failures, and loving towards me always.

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Jesus treated Judas so well that none of His disciples was able to detect that it was Judas who would betray him. Now that’s what I call loving your enemies

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Can y’all actually believe a man shot and killed someone and he isn’t in jail yet after nearly a month? Like really let that sink in. A man killed an 18 year old child and he is on paid leave from his job. Really think about that.

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